Imports of France Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Imports of France Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Imports of France Celebrates 40 Years in Business

One of Australia’s largest suppliers of French products to the foodservice and hospitality industries is celebrating a major milestone.

Imports of France is turning 40 and, to mark the occasion, chef Jordi Puigvert has teamed up with the Australian Pastry Academy in Sydney to host a series of master classes in June, July and October.

The Australian market has come a long way in the past 40 years, managing director Philippe Vauzelle said.

“These days, pastry chefs have access to a much larger range of imported products and recipes than they did even a couple of decades ago,” he said.

“The internet has enabled a global exchange of information in the hospitality industry, which, in turn, has created an appetite for innovation.

“It is a very different environment to the one the team faced in its early days.

Back in the mid ‘70s, quality European ingredients were hard to source locally. In fact, it was this issue that created the impetus for Imports of France to set up shop in Melbourne suburbia.”

Identifying a gap in the market, the company quickly secured a number of exclusive agencies such as Cointreau Gastronomie liquor concentrates, Distilleries Peureux Griottines and Sévarome natural flavours.

Today, Imports of France has a network of distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“Consumers today are far more discerning than they ever have been, and they have exceptionally high expectations of their dining experience,” Philippe said.

“It is an exciting time to be in the baking and pastry sector, and we are looking forward to working with the industry for another 40 years.”

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