Bakery adds French twist to Premier’s Christmas

Bakery adds French twist to Premier’s Christmas

For Mon Petit Choux owner Marion Kent, 2019 ended on a high note when she received a VIP order from Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Mon Petit Choux posted on their Instagram page that the Charlotte des Îles, also known as the Tropical Charlotte is apparently the premier’s favourite cake from the French bakery at Eatons Hill, Brisbane, prompting her to order one for Christmas.

The visually very impressive dessert is a tropical flavoured cake with a base of coconut sponge moistened with lime syrup, filled with coconut and passionfruit bavarois and fresh marinated pineapple, topped with glazed lime and surrounded by ladyfingers.

Marion, who had been backpacking her way around Australia after leaving her home country of France in 2013 to travel, opened Mon Petit Choux in January 2016 and it has flourished since, with its array of genuine French desserts.

After travelling in Australia, Marion came to realise how much Australians appreciate good quality French food, and sweets in particular, and the idea of opening a French bakery came up.

Although Marion had previously completed a Masters degree, she spent a year studying baking, marketing, and doing financial research before Mon Petit Choux got off the ground, and now allows customers to “travel all around France” without ever needing to leave Brisbane.

Mon Petit Choux values authenticity, with each and every pastry or dessert inspired by French patisserie, as well as quality, with the bakery using only fresh and natural products to make its signature French desserts (the website emphasises that you will never find margarine in the Mon Petit Choux kitchen!).

Overall, Marion believes that despite the hard work, time, and money that goes into a small business, hard workers are always rewarded.

Mon Petit Choux offers a variety of services including catering, personalisation, and online ordering.

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