Baking Business magazine partners with peak industry bodies representing bakery owners and operators, pastry makers, chocolatiers and baking training facilities.

Australian Society of Baking (ASB)

The Australian Society of Baking (A.S.B.) was founded in 1970 by Sydney Packham (OAM) and a group of bakers and allied traders, some of whom had attended meetings of the American Society of Bakery Engineers in the United States.

They decided there was scope to set up an organisation along similar lines in Australia. The ASB was first constituted as the Australian Chapter Affiliate of the American Society, before simplifying its name in 1979 to the Australian Society of Baking.

It retains its links with both the American Society of Baking and the British Society of Baking.

ASB CommitteeThe societies exchange publications and information, and can offer more direct help to one another’s members by way of organising bakery visits and work experience.

The primary purpose of the Australian Society of Baking is to provide a forum for learning more about the industry through meetings and seminars.

Bake Skills Australia

Bake Skills Australia is a prestigious competition that aims to support quality, training and professionalism in baking and is specifically structured to showcase the talents of our younger generation of bakers and pastry chefs.

Originally launched as a marketing initiative for TAFE colleges by the Australian Wheat Board in 1993, the competition came under the wing of Allstates DCP Marketing Services in 1995, which in turn formed an alliance with Diversified Exhibitions to take the competition into the mainstream arena of the Fine Food show.

The extra exposure helped to not only raise the profile of competitors and the participating TAFE Institutes, but also to lift the competition to become the premier national event for the Australian baking industry.

In 2018, following industry feedback, the event progressed from a team event, to providing individual championship opportunities for both pastry chefs and bakers.

To represent their employer; their TAFE and their State and compete in the Bake Skills Australia Nationals, competitors must be aged between 18 and 26 years at the start and conclusion of the national competition each year.

The Bake Skills Australia competition has been blessed from inception in having a selection of talented and qualified men and women available to join the judging panel each year. The committee endeavours to select a judging panel each year from throughout Australia to provide balance, quality and of course, impartiality in assessment.

BAA Baking Association of Australia

Baking Association of Australia

The Baking Association of Australia is an industry body supporting and educating industry wherever possible. The association also works with allied organisations including agriculture groups that are part of the baking industry.

The BAA offers many services through the state associations which can include accounting and BAS reporting, payroll set up, stock take services providing profit and loss analysis, financial advice and Insurance.

There are significant benefits for those who participate and become members. We will promote news, events, up-to-date information on technology, regulations, new baking concepts and ideas.

  • Employment, awards and wages information
  • Networking between members, exchanging ideas and technology
  • Baking competitions, industry awards and events
  • Links with industry suppliers
  • Energy and insurance savings

Fine Food Australia

Fine Food Australia

Fine Food Australia is the largest trade fair for the food, beverage and hospitality industry in the country. Each year, numerous exhibitors present their latest products, as well as host demonstrations to showcase innovative technologies and techniques. Fine Food is the Australian baking industry’s preeminent event to be informed about new market and industry trends, as well as gaining knowledge on cutting-edge business solutions.