Enjoy the superior flavour of Queen Professional

Enjoy the superior flavour of Queen Professional

A bottle of Queen Professional maple syrup sits to the right of a plate pancakes. The pancakes have strawberries and blueberries scattered on top, and a hand reaches in, holding a white jug of maple syrup that is being poured over the pancakes

Made from the sap of the finest Canadian maple trees Queen Professional’s 100 per cent pure grade A maple syrup is produced by farmers in Quebec and held in reserve specially for Queen Professional.

Celebrated for its deliciously rich caramelised notes, the 100 per cent pure maple syrup delivers a well-rounded depth of flavour, which is the perfect premium addition to your breakfast menu and sweet and savoury dishes.

The Queen Professional maple syrup is free from additives and preservatives. Available in 1 litre bottles and larger sizes for industrial requirements.

Please contact Queen Professional for more information.

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