Fourth store for Baked By Keiran at Peakhurst

Fourth store for Baked By Keiran at Peakhurst

A year after opening his second outpost at Elizabeth Bay, Keiran McKay has opened his third and fourth Baked by Keiran stores at Bondi and Peakhurst respectively.

The store at 200 Bondi Road opened on May 2, just days before the Elizabeth Bay location celebrated its first birthday, while the most recent Peakhurst location opened Friday, June 4.

According to Keiran’s announcement on social media, Peakhurst was a surprise, with the opportunity coming up unexpectedly.

“We had an unexpected and exciting opportunity and we pounced,” the post read.
“Growing up in and around that area Keiran wanted to bring something new to the neighbourhood and go back to his old stomping ground. Come and have a look at what we’ve created for you 703 Forest Road, Peakhurst!”
Keiran is a French-trained pastry chef who started out in hospitality aged 15, and remains just as passionate about food.
“My aim is to give back to the industry after many years of hard work; to teach, share and help others expand their knowledge of food,” he says.
“Food is a common factor that draws us all together. We share it, we love it and let’s face it we need it to survive. Although working Michelin star in the UK my aim was never to be restauranteur. I am and will always be a chef at heart, fascinated by the chemistry, flavours and creativity this job entails and constantly pushing the boundaries to create good quality food with my own spin on it.”

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  1. Dawn Laquian

    18 February

    Fruit Loaf – I have tried this at your shop but found out what you have added ingredients is like a fruit mince. I have tried better eg. Charlie Lovettt in Peakhurst
    Croissants with flaked almonds – when you first started there were heaps of almonds on top eventually it becomes scarce and some of your croissants with apple filling is not very generous. You tempt people at first then eventually become less and less.
    Lamingtons – you have introduced with raspberry cream but to me it doesn’t sit right.
    It should have more chocolates when you dipped the sponge.
    The rest are beautiful.

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