New Three Mills Bakery opens in Woden, Canberra

New Three Mills Bakery opens in Woden, Canberra

Three Mills Bakery Woden Location

Three Mills Bakery has become the powerhouse name of bakeries in Canberra and has chosen to expand further with a new location in the Furzer Street Precinct of Woden. Three Mills Bakery has been a long standing establishment delivering artisanal baked goods with authentic house-milled flour made from local ingredients.

This idea of community was a driving force for opening a new location explained Three Mills marketing manager Tenele Conway. She explained that owner Jarrod Deaton wanted each location to act as a community hub and gathering place for locals to ‘break bread’ so to speak.

“Jarrod was inspired by the old traditions of communal ovens in Italian towns, where people would bring their own loaves to be baked,” said Tenele speaking to The Riotact.

“We want our stores to be a more modern version of people coming together for their daily bread.”

Since they have opened their doors, the new store has reportedly seen multiple busy days as the people of Woden flood to the store. Many queued up outside to get a taste of their hot pies, pastries, sandwiches and takeaway coffees.

Executive chef of Three Mills, Bernd Brademann, has developed a number of delicious takeaway items including a Roman-style focaccia sandwich for their city store location—which has apparently become a hit.

“We’re gradually revamping and improving our entire range: we’re obviously a very different business now to when it was just a couple of stores, so we want to make sure everything is still really high quality but able to be scaled up efficiently,” Bernd explained to Riotact.

As the new location continue to trade and welcome locals into the store, they’re looking to develop new flavours and creations to satisfy the masses. This includes an extended savoury selection such as the bialy, a Polish sourdough bagel which is unique to the Woden store.

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