A new store for Kenilworth Country Bakery

A new store for Kenilworth Country Bakery

Popular Sunshine Coast bakery, Kenilworth Country Bakery, has been posting a lot of hints and allusions to the opening of a new store on social media. It all began with a reel posted in early August, which revealed only that a new store was opening and didn’t give any hints about where or when.

Now, from subsequent posts that the brand has thrown up, particularly on Instagram, it has become clear that the new bakery will be opening on Bribie Island, off the coast of Queensland, north of Brisbane. The bakery has indicated that they expect the new store to be open by the end of the year, but are keeping very quiet about any of the other details, which is leaving their eager customers to guess at the details and specifics of the new store.

The new store will be the third for Kenilworth, which originally opened in Kenilworth and later expanded out to Mooloolaba. Although the bakery is currently fielding a lot of interest on social media due to the cryptic nature of the new store’s announcement, this is not the brand’s first introduction to going viral online.

Kenilworth Country Bakery has been making waves online for many years with their 1kg doughnut challenge, coffee doughnuts, and 1kg sausage rolls. Now, they are drip-feeding their audience with information about the new store.

In a post in late September, the brand wrote, “After countless messages and tags, we are so pumped to announce we are opening our third store in… BRIBIE ISLAND.

“We are busy renovating our new space and getting everything we need to make our famous [doughnuts] and pies out in Bribie Island!”

Announcement of the precise location and date of opening is still to come.

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