Stories in Chocolate: A collaboration for the ages

Stories in Chocolate: A collaboration for the ages

World-renowned restaurant Attica and equally well-known and loved chocolatier Koko Black have joined forces to create the country’s most innovative degustation gift box yet: Stories in Chocolate. Combining the classic Australian flavours and boundary pushing of both brands, this new box is for lovers of chocolate and gourmet cuisine alike.

‘Stories in Chocolate by Ben Shewry’ is the name of the new gift box collection created by two of Australia’s culinary giants. Attica x Koko Black presents a variety of gift boxes for the discerning customer.

Attica, a Melbourne-based restaurant, regularly features on the World’s 50 Best list for restaurants. Featuring a range of carefully curated tasting menus and adventurous drinks, Attica is the brain child of celebrated chef Ben Shewry. Ben draws from local myths and legends as well as a wide range of native Australian ingredients when crafting his recipes.

Although it would seem that Attica sits in a world of its own, it is matched by the equally adventurous and Australian-focused offerings of the Melbourne-based luxury chocolate store, Koko Black. Led by Head Chocolatier Remco Brigou, Koko Black is known for its innovative designs.

Years in the making, ‘Stories in Chocolate’ is the culmination of both stores’ unique philosophies. The limited-edition range of gift boxes offers customers a taste of everything that is great about Attica’s menu wrapped up in the exquisite chocolate packaging that Koko Black is known for.

The main feature in the collection, the Stories in Chocolate degustation box, offers a 10-course selection for two that celebrates Attica’s signature dishes and the stories that inspire them, while the three smaller bespoke creation boxes offer a smaller taste of the sweet treats contained in the main box.

“Embarking on this journey with Ben enabled me to experiment with new and unique flavours. Both Koko Black and Attica celebrate quality produce and local ingredients to create extraordinary experiences for others to enjoy. I’m proud to represent Koko Black in this new adventure that transcends the boundaries of artisanal craftsmanship,” says Remco of the new joint venture.

This sentiment is echoed by Ben, who says “I really believe in the philosophy that you can only be the best version of yourself and that you can’t be anybody else. And I took this into my collaboration with Remco and Koko Black to ensure we brought our worlds together to create something extraordinary for others to taste and experience. This offering truly celebrates Australia.”

Eager fans of both Koko Black and Attica can get a hold of Stories in Chocolate and the trio of bespoke creations at Koko Black’s website. But be sure to get in quick, because these limited-edition goodies are sure to sell out fast!

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