Breville introduces new range decorated by Indigen...

Breville introduces new range decorated by Indigenous artists

Breville’s new range of appliances, aptly named ‘An Aboriginal Culinary Journey’, has been designed featuring artwork by Indigenous Australians in a celebration of Australia’s ancestral food, culture, and art alongside modern design.

Curated by Alison Page, a proud Wadi Wadi and Walbanga woman of the Yuin nation, the new collection features art by four contemporary Indigenous artists, Lucy Simpson, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Yukultji (Nolia) Napangati, and Yalti Napangati.

“An Aboriginal Culinary Journey combines ancient stories with the best of contemporary design. An invitation to experience the world’s oldest living culture.” Alison says of the range.

“When it comes to food preparation and cooking, Indigenous Australians have been at it longer than most.”

“It has recently been demonstrated archeologically that they are the world’s oldest bread makers.”

The Indigenous artists worked with the design team to find the best way to get their art onto the appliances. After trialling painting on both flat and curved canvases, the team decided the only way to faithfully represent the artwork was for it to be painted directly onto the appliances before being scanned to reprint on the range.

The appliances in the range are all stunning and deeply personal, with each artist painting pieces onto the appliances that held both personal and cultural meaning.

Breville is donating 100% of the profits from this range to creating opportunities for Indigenous Australians. Half of the funds are going to the National Indigenous Culinary Institute, and the other half will go towards Indigenous scholarships and initiatives at the University of Technology.

The team at Breville hopes that these pieces will inspire people in their daily lives an encourage them to think more about how they impact the world they live in.

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