Chocolate could disappear in next 100 years, exper...

Chocolate could disappear in next 100 years, expert warns

New research has suggested diet staples such as milk, avocadoes and seafood as well as favourite treats like chocolate could technically go extinct in the next century.

Food futurologists have revealed as consumer focus shifts due to sustainability, ethics and nutrition, this may have a lasting impact on our plates.

According to the  research by LNER, one in five Brits expected avocadoes to have disappeared from our diets by 2123, along with seafood (36 per cent), while one in 10 predicted chocolate would cease to exist.

Thirteen per cent also anticipated our diet would be plant-based, with 60 per cent attributing the move to a larger understanding of the environmental impact of eating animal products.

Twenty per cent of the respondents said they believed chocolate may disappear due to it becoming increasingly expensive.

Food Futurologist said sustainability, ethics and nutrition are becoming increasingly important when it comes to food.

“High in protein, spirulina, and other types of algae are healthy and easy to produce, but currently have an acquired taste, which is why they aren’t as popular right now,” he said.

“However genetic modification could mean we can make these ingredients taste just as good as the likes of chocolate, allowing us to indulge in a tasty dessert, while also reaping the benefits.

“During the next century we predict society will be incredibly conscious about its carbon footprint. As well as being difficult to source, cocoa trees need very specific conditions in order to survive, so rather than exporting ingredients like cocoa beans we will be turning to foods we can produce closer to home.

“Thanks to the climate change we are already seeing a dramatic reduction in cocoa trees, so it is very possible that chocolate will naturally filter out of our diet and be gradually substituted by easily produced, more sustainable alternatives.”

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