Reduce fat & butter usage increase yield

Reduce fat & butter usage increase yield

Reduce fat & butter usage increase yield

With the soaring price of butter, the cost of manufacturing high-quality pastry products has become very expensive. As it is not always possible to increase your retail price, RONDO has solutions to maximise your profits.

RONDO invents, designs and manufactures in Switzerland the highest quality sheeters in the world. RONDO’s high-precision approach enables pastry cooks to create perfect laminations, with exceptional control of the critical butter-to-pastry ratios. This control enables you to potentially reduce your butter or fat by 10 per cent.

RONDO sheeters enable very fine adjustment of the dough thickness enabling the operator to make .01mm adjustments. A reduction in dough thickness of only 0.2 mm on a 6kg dough piece can result in an additional 6-8 croissants. This translates additional income not possible with lower quality pastry machinery.

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