Sottoriva brand equipment is guaranteed, a worldwide brand that is synonymous with quality in the artisan bakery sector. Sottoriva an Italian company that manufactures machines for bread, pastry, and pizza; Italy the home of thousands of types of bread and bread rolls.

Founded in 1944 in a northern village in Italy, two brothers wanted to help their mother, a baker, and built a mixer. From there, they continued investing into research and development building other useful pieces of equipment for the bakery sector, the rest is history, as they say!

Today Moffat are the authorised sellers of the Sottoriva brand equipment into the Australian and New Zealand bakery market. Offering a wide range of products from dough preparation to cooking, Moffat offers solutions for both artisanal and industrial sectors.

Spiral mixers: various capacities, removable bowl, tilting bowl options, fork mixing options

Divider Rounder: Automatic, semi-automatic options

Moulders: various types of dough roll options

Plant equipment: Bread plant, small roll line, long roll line

Moffat the one stop for all your bakery needs!

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