Streamline pastry pie production

Do you sell over 1,500 pies a day and still use an older floor sheeter to roll out your pastry? Would you like to save on labour and double production?

The RONDOSTAR 5000 dough sheeter range from Rondo will provide you the perfect consistency of product whilst requiring minimal skill levels to operate. You will save and grow!

Simply select the program you want, press start, and follow the simple steps described on the screen—it’s so easy to use.

The RONDOSTAR 5000 dough sheeter will take a 12.5kg block of pastry from 40mm to a roll of 2mm thick pastry to the desired consistency of thickness quickly. It’s a simple sheeter to operate, so you can allocate this job to less experienced staff while the bakers can get on with the business of getting creative.

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