Pandemic cinnamon bun bakery opens second store

Pandemic cinnamon bun bakery opens second store

A Melbourne pandemic-born cinnamon bun bakery has clearly enjoyed some early success, opening a second store just a year after the first.

The simply-named Cinnamon Scrolls first opened on the corner of Chapel and High Streets, Windsor at the end of 2020, and boast one of the most extensive cinnamon scroll flavour offerings in Melbourne.

Now, they have a second outlet in the bustling Westfield shopping centre at Doncaster, which opened on November 6.

Aside from plain cinnamon scrolls, these dedicated scroll bakers have 20 flavours including Tim Tam, Lotus Biscoff, Caramel & Pecan, Nutella, KitKat, Caramel, Kinder, Twix, and plenty more, all using a traditional recipe and jazzed up with creative toppings.

And it seems the hype is justified, with the stores getting rave reviews, including this standout:

“Made fresh from scratch four times a day, finished off with your favourite toppings, perfect balance of flavours. You still get the amazing cinnamon flavour like a cinnamon scroll should have with a perfect aftertaste of your favourite topping. They are fresh, they are fluffy, they are tasty and they are addictive!!!!” writes the cinnamon scroll enthusiast.
“Yesterday I was lucky enough to try an original cinnamon scroll with no topping straight out of the oven. You cant go wrong with that it was perfect!
“I also tried the Biscoff, Berry and Oreo Cinnamon Scrolls. I have to say my most favourite one was the Biscoff!!! I also loved that the berry one wasn’t overly sweet or sickening and that the Oreo frosting had crushed Oreos through it which gave it the perfect Oreo flavour.

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