Historic outback bakery prepares to re-open in Sou...

Historic outback bakery prepares to re-open in South Australia

Farina is a small remote town in the Lake Eyre Basin that brings in hundreds of tourists every year but the last attraction you may think of is its bakery. The underground bakery is over 140 years old with its original oven which the Farina Restoration Group work to preserve.

Each year the bakery reopens for a number of weeks for tourists and any locals who pass through. This year it will reopen from May 25 to July 21 where bakers will head underground to bake fresh bread, cream buns and pies to name a few of the delicious treats being created.

The location was originally an underground meat safe that was turned into a bakery in the 1880s to produce fresh bread for the town. While most of the site consists of old ruined buildings the Farina Restoration Group manage to bring in a crowd and keep the history alive each year. COVID-19 caused some interruptions to the bakeries operations but since the group have managed to get things back on track.

The baked goods will be taken to the local Farina Café to be shared with locals and tourists. The site receives plenty of visitors around this time of year, particularly families who are heading out to explore the area on school holidays.

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