Partnership raises vital funds for domestic violen...

Partnership raises vital funds for domestic violence

The team at Lumos Bakery and Yiayia Next Door

A joint fundraiser between Lumos Bakery, Yiayia Next Door Social Enterprise and former MasterChef contestant Theo Loizou has helped raised vital funds for domestic violence.

The event, which took place at Melbourne-based Lumos Bakery earlier this year, saw Theo and the Lumos team collaborate to create a Greek-inspired pastry menu that included items like spanakopita twice baked croissant; tiropita twice baked croissant; baklava escargot paximathakia orange croissant; and honey and chocolate loukoumades.

Yiayia Next Door co-founder and director said the fundraiser was not only close to their hearts, but their tummies too.

“Lumos Bakery and Theo Loizou joined forces in the kitchen to create the most incredible menu consisting of sweet and savoury pastries,” he said.

“The menu was made available to the public over one weekend, and these legends dedicated the bake sale to the Yiayia Next Door Social Enterprise so we can continue to promote awareness and support people who are affected by domestic violence.”

Daniel said it all came about after Theo helped connect Yiayia Next Door with Lumos Bakery.

“Theo approached us with this initiative and we instantly felt so honoured to be considered for this collaboration,” he said.

Carina La Delfa from Lumos Bakery seconded this.

“Theo had wanted to do a pop up with us. We thought it was a good idea, and he spoke about how when he was in MasterChef he purchased the Yiayia Next Door book for some Greek inspiration,” she said.

“Theo’s also Greek and very proud of his background, so we wanted to do something that wasn’t the usual ‘Lumos’ style but that also showed off what we both can bring to the table.

“Then Theo said he knew the Yiayia Next Door boys (Daniel and Luke). We thought it’s a great cause, which is very close to all of us and their story is incredible. It was a no brainer to donate to them.”


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The partnership raised $2000 – an amount that Daniel said they were blown away by.

“We didn’t have any figure in mind because any amount of money can support someone in need. We were blown away when we found out $2000 was being donated,” he said.

“Even though we still struggle to this day with the loss of our mum, Yiayia Next Door has allowed us to use our grief and channel it into a therapeutic way to support people who are experiencing domestic violence.

“This fundraiser was important because we got the opportunity to collaborate with kind-hearted people working towards the same initiative, and it allowed us to stretch our story that little bit further. If our story can change just one person’s life, that’s enough for us to keep going and fighting to spread awareness.”

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