Ex-UFC fighter causes chaos with his unique pie co...

Ex-UFC fighter causes chaos with his unique pie combo

An ex-UFC fighter has caused chaos online after sharing how he enjoys an Aussie staple, with his unique pie combo provoking a mixed reaction.

Mark Hunt, who was once tipped to take the heavyweight title, took to Instagram to reveal the pie-hamburger (and choccy milk!) combo to his 417,000 followers with the caption, “That’s it right there”.


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It sure is something, with a classic meat pie sandwiched within a hamburger roll with tomato sauce just visible on top. And it seems Hunt isn’t the only fan of this extreme carb snack, with commenters praising his “breakfast of champions”.

Some other commenters pointed out that the combo is colloquially known as the “Wigan kebab” which hails from the England town of Wigan and comprises a meat (or meat and potato) pie sandwiched in a buttered roll.

Shaun Pyne of Pyney’s Pie Reviews also shared the post, but wasn’t keen on the idea:

“I’m not going to argue with the dude because he’s BLOODY MASSIVE,” he wrote.

“But the bread would totally take the taste away from the [pie].”

Again, the commenters on Pyne’s post weren’t new to this delicacy.

“I’ve said before and will again. Amateurs use plain rolls. The connoisseur eats a pie on a cheese and bacon roll,” wrote one.

Another agreed, writing, “We used to do a similar thing. Cheese and bacon pie in a cheese and bacon roll. Called it a Metallica burger.”

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