Baguettes No Longer A Staple In French Cuisine

Baguettes No Longer A Staple In French Cuisine

The centuries old French tradition of eating baguettes with main meals could be on the way out, according to new research.

Instead of baguettes, or fresh bread, it seems France’s younger cohort are opting for cereal at breakfast and pasta and rice at dinner. This decrease is occurring despite the baguette remaining one of the country’s most inexpensive basic foods, costing an average of $0.89 – cheaper than cereal and pasta.

The research, which was conducted by French organisation Credoc, suggests consumption has dropped to an average of half a baguette per day per adult, down from almost a full baguette in 1970 and more than three at the start of the last century, as reported by The Telegraph.

Credoc spokesperson Pascale Hebel said the research reflects changing lifestyle patterns, including a move away from traditional sit-down meals with a starter, main course and dessert.

“More and more French people skip breakfast, notably young adults, whereas it’s the meal where the biggest quantity of bread is consumed,” she said, as reported by The Telegraph.

In response to the trend, the country’s bread lobby has released a campaign to increase sales. As part of the campaign, the slogan “Have you had your bread?” will be advertised on more than 7000 billboards throughout the country, as well as on bread bags and pavements in several French cities.

The lobby is also making efforts to counter-act anti-bread diet trends, which are gaining popularity throughout Europe, by reminding French people bread contains “slow-burning carbohydrates and improves satiety”.

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