French Post Office issues scratch-and-sniff baguet...

French Post Office issues scratch-and-sniff baguette stamps

Scratch and sniff baguette stamp. Pictured is the stamp celebrating the baguette. There is cartoon baguette with a red, white and blue ribbon wrapped around it. In black text around the baguette it says La Baguette de Pain Francaise.

Eau de bakery scent is lending a special “je ne sais qoi” to postage stamps in a celebration of the baguette.

The scratch-and-sniff stamps have been described as “250g of magic and perfection” by the French president Emmanuel Macron.

According to The Guardian, one Parisian shop that is selling the stamps – Le Carre d’encre – said the stamp has a bakery scent, which has been added to the stamps via microcapsules.

The stamps first went on sale on Friday, May 17, 2024, after being launched the preceding Thursday – the day of Saint-Honore, the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs.

“The baguette, the bread of our daily lives, the symbol of our gastronomy, the jewel of our culture,” La Poste said on its website.

The French Post Office issued a run of 594,000 copies of the limited edition stamps.

The baguette was given Unesco heritage status in 2022.

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