The top 10 most viral foods of all time ranked

The top 10 most viral foods of all time ranked

Social media allows us to share every aspect of our day to day lives, but there’s been one type of content that has dominated our feeds since day one and that’s people sharing what’s on their plate. Lets take a look at the top 10 most viral foods of all time.

Whether it’s a five-star meal in a fine dining restaurant, a quick bite of street food that you picked up on the way home, or your latest nutritious masterpiece as you show off how well your new diet is going, we all love sharing and scrolling through images of food when it comes to social media.

But which items, dishes and types of cuisine have the most fans on social media? Here are the trending topics when it comes to all things food, looking at views, hashtags and searches.

In an analysis from Exante, it was found that banana bread topped the list as the most popular social media food trend with an annual search volume of 13 million, two million Instagram posts and over 275 million views on TikTok.

In second place was another type of bread, this time focaccia. Like banana bread, it was more popular on Instagram and with Google searches than on TikTok.

In particular, people have been taking their focaccia and turning it into works of art, decorating their fresh loaves with herbs and veg to create floral scenes that have been racking up the social media views.

Also making the top of the list in third place was crème brûlée—perhaps due to the satisfying crack!

This classic dessert has had something of a renaissance in the TikTok era, with one recipe in particular taking social media by storm, using just three ingredients to make the perfect crème brûlée.

Here is the full list:

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