Pretzel announces international expansion hopes

Pretzel announces international expansion hopes

Western Australian artisan food empire, Pretzel Australia is stretching its dough once again, with new store openings and international expansion on the cards for 2022.

While focused on consistently preparing the ultimate baked bready treats, Pretzel Australia continues to support its young staff through rigorous training, vaccinations and moving ahead with new store openings to maintain and grow new jobs.

Having opened six stores since early 2020, Pretzel is powering ahead with a further two stores set to open before the end of 2021, an additional WA location in early 2022 and sights set on Singapore!

“Our new stores are here to provide delicious and affordable pretzels, while also offering new jobs to more young Australians. We want to reach new heights, eventually moving towards further national expansion into new states and international expansion in 2022 once travel restrictions ease,” says founder Brittany Garbutt.

All Pretzel stores are strategically planned and thoughtfully designed by Garbutt to elevate Pretzel from competitors in the QSR arena.

Splashed in signature Pretzel pink, the stores remain uniformed through colour but individually designed to reflect pop-culture references or places. Garbutt says these stylistic features are thoughtfully considered in part to encourage customers to order and pick up, rather than rely on third party delivery.

Garbutt’s hands-on approach to business that involves visiting an area, understanding its geography and demographic before signing on to the lease has made it difficult to expand into new states weathering lockdown.

It has, however, provided an opportunity for further growth in Pretzel’s home state, as Western Australia continues to be a safe haven for new business, proving to be economically stable due to the absence of disruptive lockdowns and tight restrictions. Garbutt has successfully opened two cafes; Priestess and Chubby Boy alongside her existing venues Pretzel and Voodoo speciality coffee.

As Australian state governments move towards roadmap targets, Garbutt is now looking towards other stable states including Queensland and neighbouring international locations such as Singapore.

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