Should staff be filmed at work? This bakery says n...

Should staff be filmed at work? This bakery says no

As social media continues to grow and become the centre of many bakeries marketing, one bakery has had enough of their staff being included in shots. Pigeon Whole Bakers in Hobart has put a sign up politely requesting customers don’t include their staff’s faces in their videos.

The bakery has become increasingly popular as an Instagram hotspot with their delicious looking baked goods. The sign put up simply read, “We love you sharing your enthusiasm for Pigeon Whole Bakers on socials, but to protect the privacy of our staff, please don’t include their faces when taking photos or videos.”

The co-manager of the bakery, Tori Burnie has expressed frustration about being filmed multiple times a day without consent.

“You’re working away, bagging pastries, passing someone their coffee and you look up and they’re filming the interaction,” Tori told ABC Radio Hobart presenter Mel Bush.

“That’s how you know—you look up and the camera is in your face.”

Owner of Pigeon Whole Bakers, Jay Patey has seen the bakery grow in popularity over more than a decade but in recent years has noted how the experience they offer has become an influencer’s perfect content grab.

“We don’t know what the intent is, it could be for Instagram, it could be live streaming … it could be used for someone’s weird little collection of videos and photos,” Jay said speaking to ABC news.

“Whether or not they end up [putting it online], they’re still filming everything to try and get as much content as possible.”

Social media is unavoidable for any business, but it does beg questions about the privacy of staff and their rights to privacy at work.

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