Messina launches lamington gelato bar

Don’t mind if we do! Just in time for the hot weather, the dessert geniuses at Gelato Messina have launched one of Australia’s favourite desserts (second favourite according to this survey) in frozen form, with its lamington gelato bar.

Available in supermarkets, the new flavour marks a year since the company launched its first gelato bars.

Featuring rich chocolate gelato filled with desiccated coconut pieces, a raspberry sauce centre all on a biscuit base, and then enrobed in creamy milk chocolate, these are sure to become an Aussie icon.

“At Gelato Messina, we constantly strive to push the boundaries of flavours within our gelato range,” said Messina co-owner and head chef Donato Toce.

“The Messina Lamington Gelato Bar does just that and we can’t wait for Aussies to try it!”

This latest flavour joins the existing espresso dulce de leche and choc hazelnut bars, with the range of bars created in partnership with Peters Ice Cream.

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