The Bakery on Glenayr lands in Bondi

The Bakery on Glenayr shopfront

Michael Klausen, former co-owner of baking giant Brasserie Bread, has recently settled down and opened another bakery, The Bakery on Glenayr, on Glenayr Avenue in North Bondi, New South Wales.

The opening of the new bakery, which Michael co-owns with Elise Cook, took place on Wednesday May 3, with the brand having a small opening on Sunday April 30 before the big day.

Even though the bakery has only been open for a few days, the questions keep rolling in to Michael about its future and any possible expansions that he might have planned.

“Because of Brasserie Bread, people thing that’s what I want to do again… I just want to do a great local bakery. Plus, I’m too old to do more,” Michael told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Michael’s highly successful bakery, Brasserie Bread, was bought up by private equity firm Next Capital in 2018, and since then Michael has been involved in a number of different projects.

Now, The Bakery on Glenayr is giving Michael and the other bakers and pastry chefs who work there, the opportunity to go back to ingredients that he loves on a small scale, rather than worrying about producing large volumes of product.

In the first week of opening, The Bakery on Glenayr ran a small run of baked goods, but Michael and Elise are planning on expanding that to include a range of other products.


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