Two Bobs Bakery lands in Newcastle

Two Bobs Bakery shopfront Newcastle

Popular Nelson Bay bakery, Two Bobs Bakery, has recently opened its second location in Newcastle. Started by Nikki Bowden and Robert Daniels in 2018, the bakery has a lot of strong baking and cooking credentials behind it.

Nikki and Rob have both worked around the world, with Nikki taking on a pastry chef job with Gordon Ramsay and Rob also taking on a sous chef job for the well-known British chef. They settled in Nelson Bay in the late 2010s, decided to open a bakery, and the rest is history.

Now with the first Two Bobs Bakery under their belt, the pair has decided to expand to a second location. The Newcastle store is fitted out in a similar way to the one in Nelson Bay, with the characteristic exposed wood and racing green accents that customers will be familiar with.

The new bakery has also been just as popular as its Nelson Bay cousin with its range of products.

“The pastries have been a really big seller at the moment. We assumed our pastries would be popular here and that this space would find its own personality,” Rob told Hunter Hunter.

Similar to the Nelson Bay store, To Bobs Bakery Newcastle also offers a stocked pantry full of a selection of Two Bobs products along with other Aussie brands.

“The pantry items that we sell are a little bit different and aren’t products you would use in your cooking every single day. People aren’t just buying stuff to cook their Tuesday night meal, but they might get something special or as a gift for someone,” Rob said.

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