Ruby Chocolate Hits Australia

Ruby Chocolate Hits Australia

You’ve probably heard of ruby chocolate by now. If not, it’s the newest type of chocolate, now sitting alongside traditional varieties milk, dark and white chocolate. Made from the ruby bean, ruby chocolate hits derives its berry flavour and pink hue naturally—and now it’s in Australia.

It’s available exclusively from KitKat Chocolatory in two limited release creations: Sublime Ruby and Black Label Ruby.

KitKat Chocolatory head chocolatier Connie Yuen says ruby chocolate represents an exceptional discovery in the sweet world.

“We are thrilled to be launching ruby chocolate and believe Australians are going to love it. Our iconic batch baked KitKat wafters form the perfect base to complement ruby’s naturally occurring fruit notes,” she says.

Sublime Ruby offers a crisp batch baked wafer finger covered with ruby chocolate, while Black Label Ruby, an eight-finger bar, is smothered in ruby chocolate and topped with sweet dried strawberries, raspberries and caramelised meringue.

Nestlé Oceania CEO Sandra Martinez says the breakthrough innovation of Ruby chocolate showcases Nestlé’s continued commitment to develop standout new products.

Ruby Chocolate Hits Australia

“We are proud that KitKat Chocolatory is the first brand to offer chocolate lovers a taste of this new chocolate variety. We’ve secured the exclusive rights to be the first to launch ruby worldwide, leveraging Nestlé’s speed and agility in innovation,” she says.

“Following the phenomenal responses we have had in Japan, Korea and the UK, we expect it to be an absolute hit here in Australia.”

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