Sugar technology a game changer

Sugar technology a game changer

Sugar technology a game-changer

The launch of Nestlé Milkybar Wowsomes in the UK and Ireland, described as the first chocolate bar in the world to use uniquely structured particles of sugar to deliver 30 per cent less sugar than similar chocolate products, is a game changer according to data and analytics company GlobalData.

GlobalData innovation insights director Tom Vierhile says, “Nestlé’s breakthrough technology for Milkybar Wowsomes could change the sugar reduction game in the confectionery industry as the product does not rely on challenging or controversial alternatives to conventional sugar (like stevia, aspartame, or sucralose) to reduce sugar content. Our 2017 Q4 consumer survey found that 52 per cent of UK consumers say that ‘low in sugar’ means ‘healthy’ to them, a significantly higher percentage than the 44 per cent of consumers globally who express this sentiment. This suggests that Nestlé may find a curious and willing audience in the UK for Milkybar Wowsomes and its breakthrough sugar technology.”

FMCG companies have made sugar reduction a global priority in response to government regulation and changing consumer attitudes towards the ingredient. Milkybar Wowsomes is unique because sugar reduction is achieved via a newly developed process. The structure of the sugar used in Milkybar Wowsomes has been changed into porous particles said to dissolve more quickly in the mouth than conventional sugar.

According to Nestlé, their new restructured sugar formula delivers the same perceived level of sweetness as a product sweetened with conventional sugar, but with reduced sugar content. Offered in white chocolate flavour and milk and white chocolate flavor, the largest bar weighing 18g has 95 calories and includes three individual pieces of candy. An 80g multipack holds eight 10g chocolate bars.

“According to our 2017 Q4 consumer survey, 87 per cent of consumers globally say they are paying attention to sugar or sweeteners in food and drink products,”
Mr Vierhile says.

“Ingredient innovations like restructured sugar will make it a lot easier for some FMCG brands to achieve sugar reduction goals while curbing the call for the consumer to ‘sacrifice’ by consuming
less product.”

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