Perth fave conquers Melbourne and plans to go nati...

Perth fave conquers Melbourne and plans to go national

A Perth fave dessert maker has expanded, conquering Melbourne and plans to expand even further, with sights set on going national eventually.

Ox Rabbit, a completely online bakery specialising in indulgent brownies, cakes and cookies, gained popularity locally in Perth before opening in Melbourne in March this year.

Ox Rabbit managing director Iain Sheppard said after five years of growth, they realised it was time to expand their offering.

“With Melbourne being Australia’s food capital, we intuitively knew this would be the ideal place for our second location,” Iain said.

“Opening a Melbourne branch has allowed us to provide national delivery, reaching customers from Broome to Tasmania.”
Perth and Melbourne customers now have same-day delivery available, and all other national orders are received within one-to-three business days.

Acknowledging the expansion was risky, Iain said it has paid off for the innovative business.

“Although we recognised the risk of expanding our business amidst the pandemic, we also felt there was no better time to launch our services nationally, he said.

“Our business model allows us to provide COVID-safe delivery to our customers, so we could deliver gifts on behalf of friends and families during the lockdowns. 
“Through our expansion, we have seen Ox Rabbit continue its growth trajectory as a business, with more deliveries than previous years.
“We are extremely grateful for the support of our customers who have helped us to realise our business vision. It’s exciting to see new and repeat orders across Australia, and we look forward to continuing our business evolution.”

The Ox Rabbit team hopes to open a third location in Australia in the next year, and even more excitingly, an international branch eventually—depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves.

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