MasterChef star helps serve 1000 meals for charity

MasterChef star helps serve 1000 meals for charity

To celebrate this year’s International Chefs Day, Le Cordon Bleu Australia teamed up with its partner Our Big Kitchen and former MasterChef star Courtney Roulston to cook 1000 healthy, gourmet three-course meals for Australians in need.

The team of over 20 chefs and volunteers, led by Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s Sydney Program Manager Karen Doyle to prepare 1000 three-course meals, prepared a menu including:

    • Entree: Pomegranate glazed Pumpkin, Organic Quinoa tabouli, radicchio & heirloom tomato salad, hummus, sumac flatbread
    • Main: Pistachio crusted barramundi, Beetroot relish, rosemary roasted potatoes, crispy sprouts, Confit Tomato
    • Dessert: Sour Apple cake, Coconut Walnut crumble, lime Coconut Custard

The carefully constructed menu has been designed around the International Chefs Day theme of healthy eating habits, with a touch of sweet indulgence.

The five charities that each received 200 three-course meals include: The Salvation Army, Bear Cottage, Wagec Women’s Refuge, Tribal Warriors and Newtown Greek Community Centre.

“Every year, Le Cordon Bleu celebrates International Chefs Day across the 20 countries we operate in around the world. After a challenging 18 months for many Aussies, being able to use our culinary skills and experience for a good cause on International Chefs Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back to those who have been doing it tough,” said Le Cordon Bleu Australia executive Dean Alan Bowen-James.

“It’s amazing to see such a fantastic group of chefs spending their International Chefs Day giving back and helping others. It really is in the spirit of what it means to be a chef—the happiness that comes from cooking delicious food and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people who get to enjoy it.”

For MasterChef alumni Courtney Roulston, the chance to spend her day cooking and giving back is an opportunity she was thrilled to be part of.

“When I was asked to be involved in this amazing initiative, I jumped at the chance to lend a hand,” she said.

“As a chef, I can’t think of a better way to spend International Chefs Day than by giving back to our community.”

Our Big Kitchen is a community run, non-denominational industry kitchen located in Bondi, which prepares meals to be distributed to those in need across

Sydney. Last year the team at Our Big Kitchen distributed over 200,000 meals to disadvantaged Australians.

Our Big Kitchen has had a long-standing partnership with Le Cordon Bleu Australia having taken on a number of its interns over the years, so it was the ideal fit as a charity partner.

“We were thrilled when Le Cordon Bleu Australia approached us about partnering with them for International Chefs Day, to have such a fantastic team from Le Cordon Bleu Australia along with Courtney’s experience and cooking expertise to prepare 1000 meals for Aussies in need, we are extremely humbled,” said Our Big Kitchen founding director Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin.

Among the team of Le Cordon Bleu Australia chefs, Our Big Kitchen head chef and volunteers, students from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney were able to get some valuable hands-on catering experience, including learning to cook dietary specialty dishes as part of their study while contributing to a great cause.

Community Outreach Coordinator with the Salvation Army Danny Salsbury stopped by Our Big Kitchen to collect 200 meals which will be handed out to those in need across the CBD.

“We’re very thankful to Our Big Kitchen who has been supplying the Salvation Army with meals for five years. To provide a little Le Cordon Bleu culinary flair in the meals we give to Aussies in need will certainly help brighten their day,” he said.

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