Pretzel continues to stretch its dough across Aust...

Pretzel continues to stretch its dough across Australia

Pretzel continues to stretch its dough across Australia with two new stores and further expansion plans in the wings.

Brittany Garbutt first opened the first Pretzel store in 2017 in Northbridge, Perth at the age of 23. Since then, Pretzel has grown into an Australian-wide business employing 182 people and turning over $5 million a year and with further expansion plans in place.

Pretzel Australia is again sending their knotted-dough lovers into a twist with two huge stores set to open in coming weeks, with future plans to expand into more Australian cities.

Eastland and Knox, both in Melbourne’s east are the new sites to join the Doncaster, Ella and Chapel Street Victorian branch of the Pretzel family in April, alongside their five West Australian locations.

The fun doesn’t stop at Garbutt’s 10 Pretzel stores. She’s also the founder and owner of two cafes, Voodoo, speciality coffee brewers and newly opened Chubby Boy, serving Japanese Shokupan toast. At the ripe age of 27, Garbutt plans to continue her upwards trajectory, with Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and even international expansion on the cards for the future.

Garbutt has developed and grown Pretzel Australia to a turnover of $5,000,000 a year from over 660,000 pretzel sales in under four years.

A home of happiness that aims to create new and unique eating experiences, spreading the doughy joy of a freshly baked pretzel with tasty toppings of choice, Pretzel was founded (and each of the stores remain owned) by Perth-born Brittany Garbutt who has a keen eye for design and passion for hospitality.

A brand designer by trade, Brittany Garbutt has crafted the entire Pretzel brand and concept for each store from the ground up. Within four years of business and boasting a 20k cult following on Instagram, Pretzel’s secret dough recipe and hand twisting technique (that requires 6-months of training) has become a must-visit destination for Melburnians, West Australians and visitors.

“Growing the Pretzel brand continues to be an absolute joy. We continue putting the same love and passion into our new stores as we did with our first in Northbridge. We are so thankful for the support of our loyal following and look forward to sharing our handmade treats with more Australians,” says Brittany Garbutt.

Like all Pretzel stores, Eastland has been individually designed by Garbutt to suit a retro 90s Miami Vice theme, while it’s baby sister store in Knox’s popular O-Zone is an assured heart baker, following a soppy romance theme, perfect for romantic, best friend and bro-mance date nights.

Ahead of the 10th Pretzel store opening, Brittany Garbutt continues:

“We’ve seen such success with Pretzel in Perth and then Melbourne and can confirm that local and potentially international growth is certainly on the cards for us in the near future.

We plan to expand into Queensland and New South Wales by the end of 2021.”

The idea of Pretzel came about after Brittany’s previous employer, Pretzel2Go closed up shop to retire. Brittany was 18 years old and for five years after their closure, she couldn’t find another Pretzel in Perth that lived up to her expectations and flavour standards.

With the family’s blessings, Brittany revived their delicious recipe with a modern, pink twist and continues to honour their labour of love.

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