Perth favourite food truck gets two stores

Perth favourite food truck gets two stores

Perth masters of fried ice cream, Fry’d, are well known among locals for their regular food truck appearance at markets. And now, lovers of the delectable (although definitely not cardiologist-approved) treat will be able to indulge to their hearts’ content with the Perth favourite food truck opening two permanent stores.

The first one is set to open towards the end of October at 138 Oxford Street, while the second store will hit Fremantle in December, with owner Maria Tong telling Urban List that the fit-out will be something to look forward to.

“Fremantle will be our flagship store as the architecture on the kiosk is next level, we are looking to do some really exciting things with it,” she said.

Most excitingly for customers, the extra space means they will be able to now make gluten-free ice cream, and they plan to take requests from customers to introduce new flavours each month.

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