Koko Black reimagines Aussie classics

Koko Black has reimagined a range of chocolates based on iconic Aussie treats including Iced Vovo, Wagon Wheel, Honey Joy and Golden Gaytime.

To create the Australian Classics Collection, the Australian chocolatier was inspired “by the icons that filled our childhood bellies, and times when things were sweeter.

“In a changing world, it’s memories of the golden days we return to. Party tables filled with goodies and kids running amok; cozy afternoons at Nan’s house, a plate of biscuits always at the ready; or wheelies en route to the local milk bar, heart set on a cold ice cream. The older we get, the more delicious these memories become!”

The company ran customer polls to decide on which flavours to make, but after difficulty deciding the winners decided to make them all instead.

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