New Yorkers discover joy of Aussie sausage rolls

New Yorkers discover joy of Aussie sausage rolls

Most Australians can’t imagine a life that doesn’t contain a sausage roll – whether it’s from the school canteen, the footy, the servo, or homemade by mum for a birthday party – but New Yorkers are only now discovering the joy of Aussie sausage rolls.

Thanks to the Manhattan outpost of Sydney’s famous Bourke Street Bakery, Americans have been able to get their first taste of a more gourmet version of the classic savoury dish – including a fennel-scented pork roll, a mellow turkey-cranberry roll and a rotating selection of vegetable rolls, filled with the likes of eggplant with chiles or spinach with feta, and a harissa-tinged lamb version – and they like it so much it’s been featured in The New York Times.

Bourke Street Bakery owner Paul Allam told the Times that his sausage rolls were a big departure from the ones he enjoyed as a child growing up in Australia.

“The traditional sausage rolls you got at school were made from cartilage, and the stuff they swept up from the floor,” he said.

“If you went to a bourgeoise school maybe you got celery. It didn’t matter, it still tasted great. Food memories from childhood are very strong, they stay with you.”

Starting out in 2004 as a humble corner store bakery, Bourke Street Bakery now has 11 locations across Sydney, as well as its New York City store which opened in May 2019.

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