Late Night Pies on the Move

For more than a decade it’s been the spot to head for a pie or a sweet treat, but now, Adelaide’s 24-hour bakery is on the move.

After 12 years, Bakery on O’Connell has outgrown its premises and will move just 300m down the road to a bigger shop with an additional 40 seats, as well as booths, bars, benches, an outdoor dining area and communal tables.

The bigger baking and production space even has co-owner Tony Greven (pictured, middle) suggesting more menu options – and more job opportunities – may be on the horizon.

“When you look at your floors and production area, you always think, ‘if I did it again I’d do it differently’. Well, now we’ve got the chance to do it again, and we’re making the most of it,” Tony says.

“With the increased space and shelving we should be able to get five to six more products, and maybe even a few hybrids. We’ll also have a designated cake area for the first time and might even look at employing a cake expert with a little flair down the track.”

Bakery on O’Connell has long been a favourite with families and late night revellers, with the decision to open around-the-clock pivotal to the business’s success.

“We didn’t want to turn down sales, so we asked the council if we could open 24/7,” he said – and he hasn’t looked back.

“It will be sad to move on from where we have called home for so long, but it’s a long-overdue expansion and means a better bakery with more job security, so it’s a win for everybody.”

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