Koko Black supports Australian wildlife and flavou...

Koko Black supports Australian wildlife and flavours

Contemporary Australian artisan chocolatier Koko Black has launched its new Critters Collection, bringing to life eight iconic Australian creatures available online and instore.

Highlighting the characteristics and traits of native Australian animals, the range will capture the hearts of a nation through an initiative that gives back to those on the frontline of protecting Australia’s beloved fauna and flora.

Koko Black believes in giving back to the place that made them by partnering with a variety of wildlife organisations including Taronga Conservation Society, Penguin Foundation, Australian Koala Foundation, WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation and Australian Platypus Conservancy.

The Critters Collection will see funds from every pack sold directly support foundations and conservation societies that work tirelessly to protect Australian animals.

Chocolate lovers can meet the whole gang from Down Under with Mini Blocks, the Gift Box Creature Collection, Pops, Hampers, and gorgeous Hollow handcrafted moulds featuring eight loveable little Australian Critters who have come together from across the land.

Embedding rituals and creating memories of Koko moments, join Koko Koala, Percy Penguin, Pip Platypus and more as they help Aussies enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures whilst playing a part in protecting Australia’s unique environment.

Offering Koko Black’s artisan taste, texture and quality, the limited-edition range has been designed to harness the very essence of what makes Australia a one-of-a-kind destination whilst encouraging people to discover the wondrous and diverse creatures that live across the land.

Head Chocolatier, Remco Brigou has created the collection using solid milk chocolate and hand painted moulds.

“We are truly excited about unveiling our Koko Critters Collection this year, which taps into the very core of Australia’s culture. Using 100 per cent natural ingredients and crafty designs, chocolate lovers of all ages can feel the magic of Down Under by connecting with the eight characters in a range of exciting new products,” Remco Brigou says.

“Whilst the Critters range creates an immersive chocolate experience by bringing to life our iconic Aussie creatures, it is synonymously supporting foundations that work hard to protect the environment that makes our country so unique. The team at Koko Black can’t wait to see families collect and enjoy their favourite Aussie critters together whilst giving back to the place we call home.”

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