Four’N Twenty launches a bold new era of pies

Four’N Twenty launches a bold new era of pies

Aussie icon pie maker Four’N Twenty has announced it’s launching a bold new pie, which has been welcomed by some and met with outrage by others.

After making its famous meat pies for over 70 years, the brand that no trip to the footy is complete without is ditching the meat entirely in its new product.

Claiming the new pie will look, smell, and taste like a traditional meat pie; Four’N Twenty’s announcement on Facebook was met with some scepticism from the carnivorous community.

“Plants!!!! Name one good thing a bloody plant has ever done for us,” wrote one meat pie fan.

“Why don’t they invent pastry made out of meat instead so we can have meat wrapped in meat and avoid bloody plants altogether? Furious.”

Four’N Twenty’s social media team were quick on the keyboard, smoothly pointing out that plants “give us oxygen”.

Despite a few negative-Nellies, there was a large potential customer base who were thrilled with the announcement.

“Yes, finally cut out the 25% of ingredients it doesn’t need. Welcome to the future of Aussie Pies,” wrote one happy herbivore.

“Thank you for bringing out the option, looking forward to trying.”

“This is amazing!!! Welcome to 2020,” said another.

“Hopefully we can get this at the footy as well.”

And it didn’t turn into an all-out word-brawl of vegans versus meat-eaters, with some meat lovers expressing an interest in trying the new pie and being happy for their vegetarian friends.

“I’m a dirty big carnivore and have been buying your meat pies for years,” one man commented.

“I’m definitely going to give these a go and am glad my vego friends have more options. Vive la difference!”

However, it’s worth noting that the new pie is not technically vegan at this point, with the company explaining that while it “contains absolutely no animal products as ingredients” the pies are produced on equipment that also processes non-vegan products.

The Four’N Twenty Plant Based Meat Free Pie will be available in March.

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  1. Stephen Grealy

    26 February

    Great initiative- wasn’t aware of it until Katter’s spout – good to get the free publicity. I will be trying the Vegan pie.

    • Kelly James

      28 February

      Hi Stephen, glad you’ll be giving it a go. Imagine getting so upset about a pie you have no obligation to eat!

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