Japan comes to Chatswood with soufflé pancakes

Japan comes to Chatswood with soufflé pancakes

Jiggly Japanese pancakes are all the rage, and now Sydney can dig in to the wobbly stacks with Gram opening in Chatswood.

Founded in Osaka in 2014 and with pancake cafes all over Japan, as well as Hong Kong, Thailand, America, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, Gram’s new Lower North Shore location will be a welcome addition for locals looking for a pancake with something extra.

Gram’s most popular product is the fluffy, three-stack premium pancakes which are made with a whipped egg-white that’s steamed before being cooked, resulting in a spongy, springy pancake that’s several inches tall and jiggles about on the plate.

Originally, Gram’s set up had the super popular dish only being served during three time slots throughout the day, with a first-in-best-dressed motto, but the demand for the product pushed management to offer the dish throughout the day.

As these pancakes take a special precision to get just right, the popular chain has flown its executive chef over from Japan to teach Sydney staff how to make the authentic Gram soufflé pancake.

Also on the menu are regular-sized pancake stacks in creamy tiramisu or matcha flavours, savoury versions topped with smoked salmon or bacon, and thick brioche French toast.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes is open from 11am–10pm Monday to Sunday at shop 67, podium level, Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood.


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