“Grab a mate, grab a pie”

A pie with the words

Shaun Pyne is no ordinary Aussie larrikin. In 2021, Shaun started Pyney’s Pie Day, where $1 from the sale of every pie at participating bakeries across the country was collected for donation to charity.

This year’s Pie Day took place on Saturday September 3. A total of 89 bakeries participated in the event, some across multiple locations. With 20 bakeries still to send in their figures for the day, Pyney’s Pie Day is now up to $35,000 in donations. Shaun has big aspirations for future Pie days.

He says, “My goal in the next five years is to get to $1 million. And I’m definitely going to get there.”

This year, the money raised during Pie Day is going to a Sunshine Coast-based charity, the Compass Institute. Pyney advocates very strongly for this charity, which helps people with severe disabilities gain skills and trades that they can use in the workforce.

“Even if it’s working one or two hours a week, it gives them some independence.”

Through the Pyney’s Pie Day movement, Shaun aims to get word out there about this charity.

He says, “The more that I travel and the more bakeries I see, the more I can spread this message.”

Pyney is also passionate about raising awareness for men’s mental health. This is why one of his slogans for Pie Day is “Grab a Mate, Grab a Pie”. Pie Day is an excellent chance for mates to get down to their local bakeries, have a chat about their mental health and spend a bit of money to help small businesses.

The second of its kind, this year’s Pie Day is only at the beginning of bigger and better things.

“Last year was a bit of a test run, we didn’t expect much. This year was about getting more bakeries on board. Every year we’re going to build on that, get even bigger.”

Pyney’s expert advice to all those aspiring pie bakers out there is to keep your eye on the pastry.

“Pastry is so important, as long as it holds together and doesn’t fall apart.”

However, whatever you do, don’t let Shaun see any sauce on those pies.

“I’ll try every pie, whether it’s chicken and leek or gourmet, so long as you don’t put sauce on a pie, I’ll be okay.”

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