LoDe Pies and Pastries’ $20 pie

Despite having been open for more than a year, talk has recently been buzzing about LoDe Pies and Pastries, but not for reasons you might imagine.

The bakery, which was opened by Sydney chef Federico Zanellato (of Lumi Dining and Restaurant Leo) and former Lumi chef Lorenzo Librino, has recently attracted the spotlight due to one of their high-end pastries: a pie.

The pie in question is not actually a pie at all. It is a staple from the Lumi menu, a pithivier, a French pastry that strongly resembles a pie and requires incredible craftsmanship to produce.

The pastry itself takes three days to make, but that’s not where the decadence stops. This pithivier is stuffed with wagyu brisket and shitake mushrooms. It has an interesting form, with an etched lid and tiny pastry chimney for customers to pour gravy through.

This is not what has people talking though. The pithivier carries a hefty price tag of $20 for all that deliciousness.

For some Aussie foodies, this is a small price to pay for the artistry that goes into hand-crafting this new take on an old servo classic. There are often queues outside of LoDe, with enthusiasts being willing to wait to pay for these pastries.

However, comments on social media have shown that not all customers are willing to shell out so much money for a pie.

This isn’t the first controversial menu item from LoDe. When they first opened, their star item was a doughnut-shaped croissant filled with white chocolate crème, glazed with raspberry, and dusted with pistachio and rose petals. The bakery produces only 15 of these croissant-doughnuts per day, due to how labour-intensive their construction is.

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