Brasserie Bread creates Brewers Loaf for Oktoberfe...

Brasserie Bread creates Brewers Loaf for Oktoberfest

The team at Brasserie Bread has partnered with craft breweries to celebrate the synergy between craft beer and artisanal bread this Oktoberfest.

“[Craft beer and artisanal bread] are both the product of artisan craft requiring high-quality grains and raw materials. Barley is to beer as wheat is to bread,” said Brasserie Bread who added, “Brewing and baking are two of the oldest and most revered industries in the western world and yeast binds both industries.”

Brasserie Bread teamed up with Young Henrys (New South Wales), Newstead Brewery (Queensland) and Two Birds Brewing (Victoria) to create the brewers loaf. The breweries gave their spent grain or leftover malt to that to use as a key ingredient in their dark cob.

Brasserie Bread’s brewers loaf will be showcased alongside fine food and beer at selected foodservice events during Oktoberfest:

• Lester & Earl, Gold Coast
(27 September)

• Newstead Brewery, Brisbane
(7 October)

• Beer Deluxe, Melbourne
(10 October)

• 3 Weeds Rozelle, Sydney
(17 October)

• Two Birds Brewing, Melbourne (various dates in October)

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