Baking Business cover star opens second Australian...

Baking Business cover star opens second Australian Boulangerie

Baking Business cover star opens second Australian Boulangerie

French baker Gontran Cherrier opened his second Australian boulangerie in Melbourne in September.

You may remember Gontran from the cover of our October/November magazine last year. He’d just launched his first bakery in Collingwood. Now, a year down the track, the success at Collingwood has led to the second boulangerie in Hawthorn.

The two Australian bakeries are added to the three Gontran owns in Paris.

In Oz, Gontran’s known for bringing the everyday French experience to Melbourne, using flour and butter imported from France.

The Hawthorne boulangerie is on Glenferrie Road.

Gontran told Food Service, “Glenferrie Road has a real community feel to it, and we want to offer locals the best quality products.

“It’s a great area to collaborate with other local businesses, which we look forward to exploring further down the line.”

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