AP Bakery steps into Wildflower Brewery’s kitchen...

AP Bakery steps into Wildflower Brewery’s kitchen

One of AP Bakery's large sandwiches

Popular bakery, AP Bakery has recently joined forces with Wildflower Brewery in Marrickville, Sydney. The bakery will be taking over the kitchen on Wildflower’s grounds.

Topher Boehm, owner of Wildflower, has made a name for the business with the ‘wild-fermentation’ beer that he makes using indigenous yeast gathered locally.

“Topher has always said that making beer and making bread is the same thing, just beer’s overhydrated bread,” AP Bakery’s head baker Dougal Muffet said to Broadsheet.

The brewery is the perfect partner for AP Bakery, which has gained a strong following both in real life and on social media. The bakery is dedicated to using house-milled grains that are grown locally in NSW.

“I feel like AP has been boxed as one thing, but there’s a lot more substance to what we’re trying to achieve [beyond Instagram]. It’s nice to rub shoulders with [Wildflower], because people start to see a different side of who AP is as well,” Dougal said.

The collaboration has had a positive reception from Marrickville residents, who have favoured the grilled Jersey cheese burger-style sandwich served with hot honey.

AP has also been able to showcase their popular pies on the Wildflower menu, with the warrigal greens pie and the beef and Wildflower amber ale pie both pairing well with Wildflower’s offerings.

“We’re not aiming for anything too highbrow or complicated,” Dougal said.

“It’s supposed to be snacky food to be enjoyed, primarily, with Wildflower’s beers.”

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