The naughty topping adding an extra buzz to donuts

The naughty topping adding an extra buzz to donuts

You wouldn’t give it a second thought if you saw donuts in the morning tea room at work, but with a very naughty topping adding a little extra buzz, if you were to supply the office with these donuts, you might find yourself talking to HR.

Sydney’s Donut Papi is selling a special donut topped with a strawberry glaze, drizzled with raspberry champagne, pink vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with pink love-heart sprinkles, but it’s the extra addition of a bullet vibrator that might make customers do a double take.

The naughty topping adding an extra buzz to donuts

A collaboration with Adult Toy Megastore, this extra special treat is a promotion for Singles Day (November 11, if you didn’t know about it) because “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you going to love somebody else?”

Promoting the special, Donut Papi writes: “On a serious note, this collaboration’s intention is to remove the stigma around sex toys, masturbation and sex by stimulating conversation and reminding people that it is normal and healthy while reminding yourself that even if you are SINGLE, you can still love yourself in many ways!”

In case you’re wondering about the food safety involved, the bullet vibe comes separately in a sealed, brand-new packaging.

The promotion has gone down an absolute treat with Donut Papi’s followers, with some hilarious (and not safe for publishing!) on their Instagram post.

“The donut of my dreams”, writes one, while another says, “handing out dopamine hits with more than just donuts.”

The donuts will be available to collect in store from November 11 and on November 13-14 (Saturday and Sunday). Preorder is available now on the Donut Papi website, and is essential (you must be 18+ to order).

Incredibly, these to-be-enjoyed-alone donuts will set you back just $7.


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