Lune Croissanterie makes a move on Sydney CBD

Lune Croissanterie makes a move on Sydney CBD

Lune Croissanterie is one of Melbourne’s most celebrated patisseries, renowned all over the world for their croissants and other pastries. Now, they’re making the move up to Sydney, with a new store set to open in Sydney CBD’s Martin Place Tower in 2024.

The announcement of this Martin Place location follows the news that Lune will be opening another Sydney location in Darlinghurst. These two locations mark the first time the bakery will open in Sydney, with it already having locations in Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Sydney expansion was initially announced in 2020, but there were no more announcements after a Chippendale location was cancelled. The new Darlinghurst store was announced late last year and was initially slated to open in advance of the Martin Place store. Now, it is likely that both stores will be open by mid-2024.

“We had a second store in the works to open about six or seven months after the main production store in Darlinghurst,” Kate Reid, owner of Lune, told Broadsheet.

“But because of the hold-up with getting heritage approval on certain aspects of our design, [Darlinghurst was] delayed.”

The plan is for the new Lune stores in Sydney to match the set up that is currently working so well for the business in Melbourne.

“We have our production stores, which are where all the raw pastry production happens,” Kate said.

“It’s theatre—you go and watch the pastry chefs and get the really elaborate pastries that require a full kitchen team.

“But we also have our CBD satellite stores. The second store that will open in Sydney is the same—I think it’s going to be very busy.”

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