Young philanthropists raise money for Rosebud Hosp...

Young philanthropists raise money for Rosebud Hospital

Six raspberry muffins in patty pans rest on a cooling rack stacked on a tea towel (Rosebud Hospital)

This week, Rosebud Hospital in Victoria has received a donation from an unlikely place.

Five primary school children raised a grand total of $504 for the hospital during the recent September school holidays.

Emina, Stella, Rocco, Florence, and Millie organised and held three cake stalls in McCrae to raise money for the hospital.

Inspired by a suggestion from Emina’s mother, Sunny,  the children decided that the school holidays were the perfect time to do something to give back to the community.

After some investigation to choose which different baked goods to sell, the children did all of the baking themselves, initially pricing each baked good at $1. By the second day, when the children felt that their baking skills had improved, they raised the prices to $1.50 per item.

Patients, staff, and visitors of the hospital all flocked to the stall to sample the wares.

The kids said that their bestsellers were the hedgehogs and the raspberry and white chocolate muffins.

In a Facebook post, Peninsula Health (the major healthcare provider that encompasses Rosebud Hospital) gave a big shout-out to the kids, saying, “A big thanks to Emina, Stella, Rocco, Florence, and Millie! Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.”

Emina’s mum Sunny said, “The kids chose Rosebud Hospital because they have all been there at some point in time, and it is a wonderful hospital that they are very grateful for.”

“The dynamic little team have all expressed how good they felt raising money and taking it into the hospital,” Sunny continued. “They loved making and baking, and Coles heard about it and gave them all the ingredients for free.”

The children plan on running their cake stall again when the next school holidays roll around.

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