Japanese cheesecake arrives in Australia

Japanese cheesecake arrives in Australia

A Japanese cheesecake sits on a wooden cutting board on a table, one piece is cut out and resting outside of the rest of the cake (LeTAO)

Japanese cheesecake, aka soufflé cheesecake, takes traditional western ideas of what a cheesecake is and turns them upside-down.

Japanese cheesecakes are lighter than ordinary cheesecakes; they have no crusts and are incredibly spongy. They are the brainchild of Tomotaro Kuzuno, who took inspiration from the German käsekuchen during a visit to Berlin.

This delicacy has been a rare find in Australia since its inception in the ’60s, but that’s all about to change. Japanese company LeTAO is bring the Japanese cheesecake down under.

LeTAO’s Australian website describes their products as “western-inspired but undeniably Japanese”.

Their cheesecakes can be eaten thawed for a light, spongy texture or frozen, for an experience reminiscent of ice-cream.

Akira Toyama, from Only Cheesecake in Melbourne, told Broadsheet, “The soufflé cheesecake has a totally different texture and flavour.”

“[It’s] more like an egg and cream-cheese taste. With the Japanese soufflé cheesecake, we mix yolk and egg white separately. We make a meringue with egg white and sugar—that’s the most important thing to make it fluffy and give it softness.”

This is what LeTAO now offers the market. Using premium ingredients, many of which are sourced locally in Australia, LeTAO’s master bakers craft the Japanese cheesecakes that are sent out to customers.

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