Mis•spelt opens in Paddington

A square Danish filled with berry jam rests on a napkin with the words

October 8 marked the opening of Mis•spelt bakery in Paddington, Brisbane.

The bakery is a collaboration between The Black Lab Coffee Co. (who run the highly successful coffee house Blackout) and Farine & Co. (the team behind DoughCraft in Albion), who have been supplying the baked goods that are stocked on Mis•spelt’s shelves.

Sam Holman and Eli Rami, the brains behind Blackout, conceived of Mis•spelt to fill a gap in the market. The bakery is one of few establishments bringing Paddington residents delicious baked treats. The treats in question are all baked off-site by artisanal specialists Farine & Co. and have been big favourites with the locals so far.

Sam and Eli have their fingers in many pies. Blackout is not the only café in the Black Lab range. If You Say So, located in St Lucia, is another popular coffee venue, and Noir, also located in Paddington, is a swanky bar.

“We’ve always just built what people want us to build,” Sam told The Weekend Edition.

“For us, we’re all about community—if the community wanted us to build a bookshop, we’d have put in a bookshop. People have been asking us to do a bakery for the better part of a year.”

Mis•spelt is located right next door to Blackout, providing customers with the best of both worlds.

In conversation with The Weekend Edition, Sam explained, “You can come in and grab your coffee, go through the archway and grab your pastries then go home—or vice versa.”

Although the main focus of Mis•spelt is providing carb-loaded goodness to discerning customers, the bakery also stocks a range of bread accompaniments, such as mustards, vegan hazelnut spreads, chilli oils, and a range of other delicious provisions from Fino Foods and Paddington Jams.

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