Baking for Gaza

The head of Sunday Kitchen, a cooking school specialising in Lebanese dishes, Karima Hazim launched a drive called Bake for Gaza. The drive invites people to help bake and sell boxes of ma’moul, which is a Levantine biscuit baked for special occasions such as for Eid or Lent.

Sunday Kitchen is one of the many community outreach projects hoping to support refugees from Gaza fleeing to Australia. Hazim said that when she started the initiative she hadn’t expected it to take off the way it did.

“I thought I’d be baking 20 to 30 boxes,” she said speaking to The Guardian.

“The first night I put it on Instagram, I got 100 orders… People are looking for ways to show their support.

“Some of the people ordering don’t even know what ma’moul is, they are just looking for some way to support people from Gaza. Many people pick up the boxes in tears. They know what is going on, they are grieving.”

Baking these delicious treats made with donated ingredients has brought strangers together for a greater cause.

“We know we’d struggle to get any donations into Gaza, so this is what we can do now. Some of the money is handed directly to the arrivals, to buy whatever they want or need,” she said.

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