Wholemeal gluten-free now available at grocery sto...

Wholemeal gluten-free now available at grocery stores

Helga’s says its wholemeal gluten-free loaf is the first of its kind to be available in Australian supermarkets.

According to Helga’s, two slices of the bread account for 25 per cent of the recommended daily whole grain consumption target as set by the Australian Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC).

GLNC general manager Michelle Broom said half of Australian adults are not meeting the 48g whole grain daily target.

“This becomes even more challenging when you need to avoid wheat and other gluten containing whole grains,” she said.

“So products like Helga’s Gluten-Free Wholemeal are great news for people who avoid gluten.”

The Goodman Fielder brand already sells a variety of gluten-free breads in Australian supermarkets including sunflower and red quinoa, soy and linseed, and five-seed loaves.

The new wholemeal option is available from Coles and some independent supermarkets for around $6.50.

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