Tokyo Lamington releases trio of festive flavours

Tokyo Lamington releases trio of festive flavours

Sydney newcomer Tokyo Lamington has released a trio of festive flavours in time for Christmas.

Launching December 1 and available for pre order now through the Tokyo Lamington website, the three new flavours make for an Aussie flavour of Christmas dessert all wrapped up in a suitably festive gift box. 

Two of Australia’s most cherished desserts – the pavlova and the lamington – have been combined into one treat as part of the pack which sells for $23.

The the pavlova lamington has a crunchy Italian meringue coating and is filled with passionfruit curd, raspberry jelly and whipped cream. To create the crispy outer layer, the lamington is torched for a few seconds until golden brown.

The rum and raisin lamington contains rum-soaked raisins inside the fluffy cake, while the chocolate peppermint lamington is the perfect after-dinner palate cleanser; filled with minty chocolate cream, cocoa nibs and dipped in a dark chocolate sauce and coated in coconut flakes.

Rum & Raisin

Bring on a boozy Christmas favourite! This lamington is filled with Rum Soaked Raisins and dipped in White Chocolate and coated with Coconut Shreds.


Just another excuse to make lamington more relatable. This lamington (if you can call it a lamington) is filled with Passionfruit Curd, Raspberry Jelly, Whipped Cream and coated with torched Italian Meringue.

Mint Choc Nibs

Take a chill pill. This lamington is filled with Peppermint Chocolate Cream and Cocoa Nibs, dipped in Dark Chocolate Sauce and coated with Coconut Flakes.

Founded by Min Chai (Founder of N2 Gelato) and Eddie Stewart (Previously Black Star Pastry  Alumni and founder of N2 Brunch Club), these untraditional Lamingtons were originally only found in Singapore and Tokyo, but following a successful collaboration with KokoBlack, Tokyo Lamington launched its flagship Australian store in Market City, Sydney in September.

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